More good news… and some not so good news

Before I had a chance to head out to feed the outside critters, I got a series of texts from the woman who will be fixing our cats. She was able to book the surgery for January 31st – for both Butterscotch and Nosencrantz!

We will have to isolate them in the sun room the day before, and take out all food and water by 9pm. After surgery, we’ll have to keep them in there during recovery. If they end up needing cones, it’s an extra cost, but I think we still have cones from previous cat treatments that will fit. Though I doubt Butterscotch in particular could handle wearing one!

Meanwhile, she has passed on the information I was able to send her yesterday, and the process of getting cats adopted out has started.

While feeding the outside cats this morning, I only counted 16, but I saw Rosencrantz this time (right in front of the kibble house) and I even saw Ghost Baby, both of whom I haven’t seen in a while. They are doing very well out there.

Inside… well, it’s a different story. We have some weird stuff going on.

From the top down is Beep Beep, Turmeric, Tissue and “grandma”. This was a massive grooming and cuddle session, and both Tissue and Turmeric were acting like they were trying to nurse on “grandma”. Which is funny, because Beep Beep is Turmeric’s mom, and when she was ready to wean her kittens, she was quite abrupt about it.

This picture of feline domestic bliss ended abruptly that evening.

The cats sometimes get testy with each other. That’s to be expected. What happened this time was a full blown fight, with rolling balls of fighting cats, flinging across the dining room floor, into the entry way, and into the basement, before breaking off and cats flew in all directions. By the time we got there, we couldn’t tell who started what.

We got things calmed down, but every now and then, there would be another tussle. As soon as there’s any growling, all the other cats come running to see what’s going on, and the ones that were in fighting mode would just tackle whichever cat happened to be nearby.

Beep Beep is a bad one for that, but she’s been fighting for survival since longer than we’ve been here, so that’s to be expected.

No cats were injured, by the way. Just to reassure!

What wasn’t expected was Turmeric’s response.

She turned into a snarling, screaming, growling beast.

Even when there were no other cats around! One time I heard her start screaming and snarling, I came running, only to find her under the dining table – alone. I did eventually spot another cat in the room, but she was behind a shelf, out of sight, and not bothering Turmeric at all.

We ended up having to isolate her in my office until she calmed down, but when we let her out, she was soon in another fight, then hid under a basement step, needing much persuasion to get her out.

So for the past few days, we’ve had her in my office. Every now and then, we’d let her out, and she’d start snarling. Usually at the tuxedos, for some reason. We would bring other cats in, and mostly she would be fine. This morning, I even let Layendecker in, whom she had been growling at before, and there was no problem. But as soon as we let her out of the room, she’s snarling again.

Who knew such a big noise could come out of such a small cat!

I don’t know what’s going on with her.

But I’m less worried about her than I am about Cabbages.

Cabbages is one of the cats that Turmeric is getting along with just fine, so we brought her in for company. That and she was really missing my bed.

Something is wrong with her.

She’s completely quiet. She’s hardly eating or drinking. For a while, she was throwing up several times a day – a couple of days ago, I had to wash my bedding three times because of that, but she hasn’t thrown up since. She moves from soft spot to soft spot, and that’s it. We’ve kept the hard sided carrier in here, with a soft towel inside, and I’ll often find her in there. Other times, I’ll find her sitting at the water bowl, just… sitting. I’ve seen her using the litter, at least. She has shown no interest in even leaving the room, unlike the other cats, who have been wanting to come in and out. As I write this, she has just come over to the food and water bowls, but is just… sitting. Not eating or drinking.

I mentioned it this morning to the lady that will be fixing our cats, and the first thing she asked if if Cabbages was sneezing or had diarrhea. It was a no on both. She recommended giving her some cooked fish for the nutrition boost, but without getting blood work done, there’s no way to know what’s going on. And the earliest we can afford to bring her in to be checked is at the end of the month. I’m concerned about dehydration and, being a small cat to begin with, the weight loss is an issue, too.

We are quite concerned.

I am considering engaging the help of a daughter or two, and trying to give her water through a syringe.

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “More good news… and some not so good news

  1. If she is losing weight, I would try baby food, the chicken baby food or the Delectables Squeeze Ups in Chicken flavors. Those are the only things that I’ve been able to use when cats aren’t eating. You are right, if they aren’t eating, they are likely sick so very important to get whatever you can into their bellies. Cats can go downhill fast.

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    • Yes. So far, we have been able to give her water with a syringe, and she actually seemed to appreciate it. Her nose seemed stuffed, so she is getting steam in the bathroom. The girls will be cooking up some salmon for her, later. If we use the immersion blender, that should make it easier.

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  2. Oh noes! I was going to suggest syringe. She may be ready for subQ! I hope she has a miraculous improvement.

    I smiled at the image of a rolling ball of cats because that once happened here. There was some fur left along the way but all were fine.

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