Cabbages update; it’s not looking good

I had been so encouraged after the last communication we had with the woman who took in Cabbages for us.

Last night, things changed for the worse.

She found Cabbages barely able to lift her head, and rushed her to the vet, where she remains now.

They can’t find what’s wrong with her!

The vet even asked if it was possible Cabbages had ingested something – which is something I’ve been wracking my brains about, too. When she told me she had replied by saying she didn’t think we were the sort of household to have that around, I realized the vet meant more illicit substances. Which, no, we don’t. I did mention my husband’s medications, but most of them are in bubble packs. It’s a rare thing for us to drop pills, and when it does happen, we don’t stop searching until we find and dispose of them. She asked about plants and started listing some off. I mentioned the Jade trees, but she didn’t know about them being a problem. The cats have been leaving the Jade trees alone now, anyhow, other than trying to claw through the cage around the one, to get at the dirt.

The vet also said that it could be she was born with some sort of congenital defect, and it’s just showing up as a problem now. Which is more of a possibility that anything else I can think of.

At one point, she mentioned that she’s already spent $800 on Cabbages, though she quickly added that this was not a concern, before continuing. I had not realized she was paying out of pocket. I know this organization covers all costs of cats for fosters, but I guess she’s not a foster!

She is heading from the city to the town our vet is in today, to pick up some frozen cats. Cabbages remains with the vet as they try to figure out what is wrong with her. It’s hard to treat an illness when you don’t know what the illness is! She assured me that this is the best vet in the province. He’s been nicknamed “Jesus” for all the animals he’s been able to bring back to life. Still, there is only so much he can do, and they will not go beyond the reasonable and cause her more suffering.

If she does pull through, there is already someone lined up to adopt her. Someone who works for the city humane society.

As much as I hope she makes it, a got a sense that this is very unlikely.

Damn. She really did seem to be improving for a while, there. 😦

Aside from this, we confirmed a few other things. We still have Butterscotch and Nosencrantz slated to be fixed at the end of the month. On Feb. 7, we have Beep Beep and Fenrir now booked. After that, she wants to focus on the adoptable indoor cats, two at a time. We would drop them off for the surgery, and she would bring them back with her at the end of the day to go to the waiting fosters, where they will recover before being adopted out. I asked about when, and she said she hoped to start on Feb. 21. I told her we will work with her schedule, whatever it happens to be.


What a rough way to start the day.

I am so incredibly grateful that she has been willing to take Cabbages on and able to get her into a vet so quickly. We’d still be feeding her with a syringe right now, of course. And we’d have no idea what was wrong with her, and no resources to get her to the local vet ourselves. The fact that the city vet also has no idea what’s wrong with her actually helps, if that makes sense. They really want to figure it out, because if it turns out to be something contagious, we need to know when it comes to the other cats. None of whom are showing any signs of it. Cabbages did have that brief period where she was throwing up more, before she stopped eating and drinking. Another reason I wonder if she ate something that did this to her.

Poor little thing.

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Cabbages update; it’s not looking good

  1. Cats are super difficult this way. They have an amazing ability to block out and hide pain. Throw in the wild variation in the quality of Vets and vet care out there… We had our former vet tell us multiple times our recently deceased cat was just fat. Two other vets, once it was realized that she was very ill, said her screening tests came back negative for cancer. Once exploratory surgery was done days later though, she had a massive pancreatic tumor.

    All you can do is the best you can in these situations. The rest, which is nearly all of it, is up to God.

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