One extreme to the other!

A twenty degree drop is one thing, but look at that wind chill!

If the screen cap isn’t showing up for some reason, we are at -25C/13F right now, with a wind chill of -45C/-49F.

At this point, I’m glad we had the van towed to the garage yesterday, and didn’t have to try and drive it in, this morning!!

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “One extreme to the other!

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    • I’m pretty sure it’s warmer in Siberia. Lol

      When temps start reaching -50F, it becomes dangerous to breathe too deeply.

      I remember reading a story about Mary Pickford filming a movie on location when temperatures hit the -50 range. Everyone was warned not to breathe too deeply while outside. Two of her co-stars found it a joke, went outside and deliberately breathed deeply. One ended up dying, and the other severely damaged his lungs.

      I tried to look up the story to confirm my memory of the story, but can’t find it right now.


      • OMG!!
        I can believe it. My one and only acute asthma attack was triggered by running outside to move a plant during sudden hail. Then the asthma attack was compounded by a panic attack over having a severe asthma attack!

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