Last night, my younger daughter was able to crawl under the kitchen sink and get it fixed. Yay!

This the old stuff she removed.

What a mess! Just disintegrated!

The sink the pieces are in was much like this when she fixed it our first spring here.

The new drain kit is very different. The cup is deeper, and it has a completely different stopper, both in how it fits in the drain, and aesthetic appearances. I didn’t see it until later, or I would have included it in the picture. It’s not standard at all, and I don’t recall seeing replacements of it anywhere. I’m thinking, if I ever do see a replacement stopper in that style, I’d better pick up some extras, just in case. I suspect they will be harder to find compared to the usual design. Still, I’m happy with the design. I think it actually works better than the standard ones.

I really appreciate that my younger daughter is up to being our plumber for jobs like this. She’s the most able bodied in our household! I might be able to get under the sink if I really had to, but I’d probably need someone to help me get back up again. I’m much better suited to doing the outdoor stuff! 😀

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Fixed

  1. Lol… last week I saw a plug that was partially out of its socket under a desk. I repeatedly stated I needed help but was ignored. It took a min to get down and plug it in. Another 5 min to be able to stand again.

    Great job on the sink!! Is she looking for a career? I hear plumbers make LOTS of money!

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    • Oh, my. I feel your pain!!!

      As for plumbers, that’s one trade that we will always need, that’s for sure! And given the very dirty jobs they sometimes have to do, I don’t begrudge them a penny.

      (Thinking of the guy that augured the floor drain and pulled out that… mess… LOL)


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