Morning and evening kitties

I was able to get pretty close to a pair of kittens in the branch pile last evening.

They were all smooshed together, playing. 🙂 They are looking directly at me in the photo; I had my arm stretched out to try and get my phone closer for a picture, which they ignored. I didn’t want to bother them too much, though, and quickly left. So far, I have not see them today.

I saw the four kittens that regularly come to the house yesterday, too. Bradiccus is nursing the long haired one. These four kittens seem like one litter, but I see two mothers taking care of them, so we have no idea how many are actual siblings, and which mother then belong to!

This morning, after I was finished up outside and heading for the sun room, I spotted a ghost.

Ghost Baby was hanging out in the kibble house! She was loafed in the pan, seeming to nap for a while, then eating a bit of kibble, then napping again. We don’t see her often, and she tends to stay away from the other cats, which means she tends to eat after all the others are done. I didn’t want to scare her away from the food, so I tried to keep my distance. I assume she has kittens somewhere well away from the house, but we’ve seen no sign of any, yet.

I do wish we could get her to be less scared of us. Of all the cats, she’s probably the most feral. Even the toms that aren’t ours will let me get closer than she does. At least I know she’s getting food, and that she has found herself some shelter and safety in the outer yard somewhere.

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Morning and evening kitties

  1. Noob’s 3 babies showed up last night. Their eyes have changed and I think, despite their size, mudt be 2mos old now. Two stayed about 6′ away but I got LucyLou to come within 4′ before TwentyFive got aggressive and chased her off.

    At least 1 appears to be a dwarf.

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