When I put kibble out for the yard cats, I make a point of putting some in a lot of different places, so that more cats have a chance to eat. It gets pretty crowded in the kibble house, and some of the smaller, shier ones end up not getting as much food. Since I want them to get used to the idea of using the cat’s house in the winter, I’ve been putting food just inside the entry, and on the block I have in front.

I spotted one of the pump shack kittens, eating from the block. It is so small, it could barely reach! Of course, I had to try for a picture.

It was just at that moment, that one of the older kittens decided to jump down from the roof and photo bombed the shot!

Just look at that adorable little round belly.

I want to snuggle that baby!

The Re-Farmer

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