So many bebbies

What a crowd this morning!

There are no adult cats in this picture, though the oldest kittens are very close to adult size. The tiniest unit is the little grey tabby on the far right.

I tried to do a head count this morning. The chimney liner at the bottom right corner has three white kittens on it. Including the ones that I spotted hiding in various places, waiting for me to be gone before coming out to eat, I counted 24 cats this morning. Only one, for sure, maybe two, were adult cats. Most of the mamas seem to just take off somewhere, coming back only briefly. They seem more than content to leave their babies for us to feed!

It’s shortly after noon as I write this, and we are at 4C/39F. The accumulated snow predicted did not happen here; the rain took care of that! We’re supposed to reach a high of 6C/43F this afternoon, with a mix of rain and snow. Still too wet to do some of the outdoor things I want, but there are other things we should be able to work on. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, followed by a couple of cold days, then one day where we are supposed to get a high of 10C/50F. That would be a good day to get to the marsh my mother wanted to go to, and see the migrating birds. It might be too cold to have the picnic outside she wanted to have, but there is a small cafe there, with an excellent view of the marsh.

Hmm… Looking at a different app, their 10 day forecast has us getting even warmer, reaching as high as 16C/61F, two Sundays from now! I hope that one is more accurate. We could use every nice day we can get to get work done outside!

The Re-Farmer

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