Little spitfire!

While my daughter was working on attaching the metal roofing to the water bowl shelter, I played interference with kittens.

I also got to cuddle with this little spitfire!

This one hisses and spits whenever we pick it up. While I held it and scritched its ears, it would start to calm down, then seem to remember that it wasn’t supposed to like this, and hiss and spit some more! For just a second or so, though. 😂

We’re supposed to hit a low of -8C/18F by 8am, and then warm up to a high of 3C/37F. After that, we’re supposed to jump to a high of 10C/50F, with a couple more days just a tad warmer, with overnight lows just below freezing for a couple more nights before staying above freezing for a while.

Hopefully, the bitty babies will be staying in the warmth of the cat house, and their mama – whoever it is – won’t take them away again!

The Re-Farmer

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