Strange Furry Fruits!

I tried to do a headcount while feeding the outside cats this morning. I got either 21 or 22. Hard to say for sure, given how much they move around!

Once bellies are full, they tend to get playful.

I found some strange fruits in the ornamental apple tree! 😄

The little grey tabby in the back had been, until the bitties showed up, the smallest of the kittens. Even younger than the second litter of white and grey kittens that were in the pump shack. I don’t see any of the kittens with mamas anymore. They are all weaned, whether they wanted to be or not, because almost all the mamas have taken off!

When the cat lady was here, she noticed the stuffy noses and leaky eyes. She recommended adding lecithin powder to their food as a preventative. She said it can be purchased from a vet, but it’s very expensive that way. It’s a human supplement, too, and very cheap. She uses it regularly. Looking it out, it sounds like something I might want to add to my own supplements, too! 😄

I definitely want to pick some up soon. This is the time of year when the outside cats get hit with the leaky eyes, stuffy noses and sneezing the most. I want to give those babies everything I can to help them make it through the winter!

The Re-Farmer

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