Good kitties, bad kitties!

When I was done with my morning rounds, I paused to say hello to the kitties (I counted 29 this morning – never saw Rosencrantz).

The four in the foreground, plus Princess (who had climbed me while I was trying to take pictures), were absolutely all over me, fighting for attention! Those five – Plushy, Pointy Baby, Judgement, Gooby and Princess – are the friendliest of them all.

Caramel, in the background, isn’t. 😄 I’ve managed to touch her while she was eating kibble on the roof, but only by sneaking up behind her to do it, and she was hungry enough to not run away immediately.

The outside cats are such good cats.

Then, there’s the inside cats.

With being sick for the last while, I haven’t been working on this year’s Christmas ornaments, so everything has been tucked away on my work station.

Not well enough.

This morning, not only did I have to pick up the knocked over bin of Christmas decorations, but also gather up some of my mini yarn.


Clearly, the little bucket they were under was not enough to keep them safe!

Ugh. All that cat hair.

I didn’t even realize the tassel was in there until after I’d started untangling the colours. Only the metallic purple mini skein was still okay.

Bad kitties! I don’t even know which ones did the damage. Could have been several. They wait until we’re in be

I’ve got to finish those ornaments, so the stuff can be put away, out of harm’s reach!

The Re-Farmer


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