Fenrir: mighty hunter!

This is the face of a killer.

This winter, for the first time since I lived here as a child, we started hearing a very distinctive noise in the ceiling of the “new” part of the house. The skittering of tiny mouse feet on the tiles, running from one end of the addition to the other.

The cats were most definitely interested in that noise!

The only access to the space above the addition is upstairs and blocked by furniture, and the space is full of insulation anyhow, so there was no expectation that they’d be able to get at the mouse.

Well, it’s no longer a problem.

My older daughter regaled me, in a most entertaining way, of how she came to the kitchen this morning and noticed Fenrir behaving oddly. She was growling at the other cats (which is not odd, really) and moving around in an unusual manner.

She was also carrying something in her mouth, and she clearly didn’t want the other cats to have it!

Of course, my daughter checked it out, and discovered she was carrying a dead mouse.

After confirming it was, indeed, dead, she got it away and garbaged it. The last thing she wanted was for someone to end up stepping on a half eaten mouse.

With so many cats, inside and out, this is the first mouse we’ve seen/heard indoors in the 5 years we’ve been here.

Fenrir took care of that for us,

What a good girl!

The Re-Farmer


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