Going well

I am now at my mother’s home. She did fabulous during her procedure. On the way out, they were going to have her in a wheelchair, but instead, we used her walker like a wheelchair. Once I got her home, she chose to walk instead of ride and dud very well.

My mother is indestructible. I even got comments from the nurse about how spry my mother is – and that’s with two bum knees!

Still, she was understandably tired. I insisted she lie down as soon as she was settled, and she fell asleep almost immediately.

The only strange thing was discovering her thermostat was maxed put at 30C for some reason. I was just melting! Last time I was here, she had all but turned it off, because it was so hot. Strange!

The Re-Farmer


3 thoughts on “Going well

  1. YAY for all going well and you being there to help!! Being alone is a huge PitA for me and medical procedures – I’ve had to cancel more than once due to not having anyone to drive me home after anesthesia (can’t be a taxi or rideshare).

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