He’s all heart

How have I never noticed this before?

Sad Face (aka: Shop Towel) has a heart on his side!

Also, that is two cats. One of his boys is curled up behind his butt.

I’ve been finding Sad Face in the sun room a few times now. Once, I came in as I was finishing my rounds and saw some white and greys running around, in a bit of a panic. So I tried to be slow and careful about clearing the way to the door. It turned out that Sad Face was the one in a panic, while the other cats were startled by him running around and crashing into things, until he finally made for the door.

I’ve also seen him through the bathroom window, on the swing bench like this, but firmly embedded in the cat pile, with one of the white and greys draped across his back! At times like that, it really hits home, how big this guy is. It’s one thing to see him running across the yard and think, “yeah, he’s pretty big.” It’s quite another to see him absolutely dwarfing a bench full of cats, including the one sprawled across his back. All of last year’s kitties would be at their adult sizes by now, other than maybe filling out a bit. This dude is a giant in comparison!

From the occasional spots covered in black fur I still sometimes find, clearly he’s still beating on The Distinguished Guest. TDG still comes around, but is increasingly skittish. Sad Face, on the other hand, is clearly getting on in years, and almost seems to be getting more chill. It would probably be helpful if we could trap him and get him fixed. TDG, too. That should also reduce the cat fights!

The Re-Farmer


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