Bad pain day

I didn’t overdo it yesterday. Honest. I have done far more physical labour than I did yesterday, without much problem.

So why am I hurting so much today?

It’s not muscle pain, either. It’s my joints. My knees are a mess… well… more of a mess than usual… but worst of all are my finger joints. They had been getting better, but are much worse again.

Makes it rather hard to type, that’s for sure.

I got the girls to feed the cats this morning, but did eventually get outside to switch out the trail cam memory cards, check the planted garden beds, do a bit of watering. Even that was difficult.

So today is going to be a pain killer and recovery day. I’ve got some computer stuff to work on, like another time lapse video to put together.

I’m also still trying to recover my personal Facebook account that got stolen. I got zero progress on that. However, I am still getting emails from Instagram, which is linked to that account. When I got one last night, I decided to check it out.

Of course, I couldn’t log in and following the links from the email resulted in error messages. However, since my personal email address was still attached to this account, I was able to recover the account and change the password.

So now, at least, I have my Instagram account. Not that I was using it, but it’s something!

If only recovering my original account were that easy. It just blows me away how useless Facebook support is for this.

On the plus side, it seems all my friends that have been also reporting the account, and the posts being made selling crazy stuff, calling the account out as hacked and even playing games and stringing along the thief, apparently there is no longer any activity coming out of my original account anymore. Hopefully, it will stay that way!


Time to pain killer up and ingest some sustenance.

The Re-Farmer


2 thoughts on “Bad pain day

  1. Sorry to read that you’re having a high pain day. I find my pain levels can seem random. I know mine is based on inflammation but have no idea what triggers high inflammation vs low.

    I hope you feel better ASAP!

    Do you know about Spoon Theory (re pain/energy/exertion)?

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