Crabapple cider vinegar, part 2

One last catch-up post! In the middle of when our internet went wonky and I couldn't upload photos, I was able to move on to the next step in making cider vinegar with our crab apples. You can read the first part here. (link will open in a new tab) When I first started these, … Continue reading Crabapple cider vinegar, part 2

Step-by-step: making fermented vegetables

The following is based on the recipe for sauerkraut that I got from my friend who, in turn, modified it from a recipe she found through Dr. Mercola. As with the sauerkraut I wrote about yesterday, this is something I've never made before, so it's a total experiment. Here are the ingredients. The recipe I … Continue reading Step-by-step: making fermented vegetables

Things with crab apples: apple cider vinegar

Things have been a bit crazy lately, weather wise. Some severe storms have blown across our area and, while we have pretty much just caught the edges of them, they still resulted in internet outages and our power flickering in and out. Perfect weather to stay indoors and to things with our crab apples! I … Continue reading Things with crab apples: apple cider vinegar

Making mead, part 4: transferring for second fermentation

We're back to making Meeeeeead, Baby! Part 1Part 2Part 3 We are actually a bit late on this. After 10 days in the fermentation bucket, when we should have started sanitizing things and transferring the must to the carboy, we were instead dealing with hot water tank problems. Pretty sure it'll be fine. 😉 The … Continue reading Making mead, part 4: transferring for second fermentation

Making Chokecherry Vinegar

The original recipe for this can be found here. I adjusted the original recipe for my quantity of chokecherries. Chokecherry Vinegar Soaking time: 24 hours First boil: 5 minutes Second boil: 2 minutes 5 cups chokecherries 1 2/3 cups vinegar 1 2/3 cups water sugar Wash and mash the berries.  Place them in a glass … Continue reading Making Chokecherry Vinegar