Old and New

One of the areas I had on my list to tackle today was my desk.

Yes, the desk I’ve been using for a while now.

I’d emptied the drawers and packed away the contents that used to belong to my dad, but that was as far as it got.  Today, I was going to clean them out, so that I could start unpacking some things into them.

Oh, dear.

The desk has three drawers with knobs on one side, and above the space for the legs is a long, narrow drawer with a handle.  That handle was pretty corroded and I’d gotten the biggest stuff off, but I knew it would need replacing.

The first thing I noticed when taking it off was the damage to the wood on the inside.  Clearly, the screws had been tightened many times.  The wood is soft, and the screw heads were sunk into it.  Scratches showed where someone had tried to tighten it and scuffed the wood with the screwdriver.

So, that came off.

Then I went for one of the side drawers.

Only to have a knob come right off in my hand, when I tried to open it.

They were all in similar condition, though there was an attempt to add a washer to one of them.  It was the wrong size and quite bent of because of it.

All got removed, then I washed all the drawers with a scrub brush in the tub, and showered off years of dust still in them after my first shaking them over a garbage can.

And cobwebs underneath.


Which meant we made yet another unexpected trip into town and a hardware store, for new knobs and handle, and washers for all of them.


Original handle resting on top of the new handle. 

I now have an old desk with new knobs and handle! 😀

Yeah; that old knob in the picture is what it looks like AFTER I cleaned the big stuff off.

The whole thing needs to be refinished at some point, but all that matters for now is that the drawers are usable.  At least they will be, once they’ve had a chance to fully dry.  Unpacking into them will wait until tomorrow!

This is not the only thing of late, where old things have caused unexpected problems.  I’d mentioned before that one of the reasons we agreed to move out here was due to the toxic environment that had developed in the housing co-op we were living in.  Living here has been a HUGE reduction in daily stress, in that regard.

And yet, that toxicity has managed to reach its way across two provinces, resulting in sleepless nights, once again.  As long as I keep busy, I’m okay, but once I lay my head down, the thoughts start whirling in my head, keeping me awake.

Part of becoming a member of a housing co-op is buying shares.  Those get returned, when a member leaves.  A bit like a damage deposit, except it means everyone has equal ownership of the co-op.  I had made arrangements with the administrator to have our unit cleaned after we left, since we would not be able to stay after the movers took our stuff and do it ourselves.  I had hoped to at least vacuum the place, sweep the floors and wipe down the counters, but we had to leave before the movers were done.  I had given permission for the cost of the cleaners to come out of our shares.  It wouldn’t have been much, but it’s been 2 1/2 months now, so we should have gotten what was left back by now, or at least a letter of some kind.

Well, that hasn’t happened, so I contacted the administrator for some information.  I still don’t have an official response of any kind, but I now know part of the problem, and it involves what is basically libel against me, by one of several people who had been engaged in months of accusations, defamation and even threats to my membership – all done in ways that prevented me from being able to properly respond.

The whole thing had gotten so bad, it was having a negative affect on my health.  Something I had noticed significant improvement in, even with all the stress of the move itself, and dealing with the movers.  All it took was reading one thing, and back it came, including the affects it had on certain health markers.

What a pain.

It’s going to have to be addressed in some way, though.

There was, at least, some good news today.

I got an email back from the moving company.

With the estimate for repairing the electric pole broken by their driver, and restoring electricity to our garage, being $1500, and their deductible being $1000, they’re going to simply send us the money to cover the cost.

I expect it to be finalized on Monday.  Once the money comes in, I’ll call back the electrician that came to do the estimate for me and give him the go-ahead to fix it as soon as he can.  Which may not be until the ground thaws, but we shall see.

Once that’s done, we will be finished with the movers!!

I am so looking forward to not having to deal with them anymore.

The Re-Farmer





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