Out our Window, Today

Some highlights of the activity out our living room window today – at least the ones I was there to take pictures of. 🙂


Whenever I get photos of the male pine grosbeaks, my goal is to capture the incredible red as much as possible.  This one is very close!


Mother white tail deer with her twins.

Mama and the twins came by today, and I quickly grabbed a group shot with my phone’s camera, since I would have to change the lens on the DSLR to get all three in one shot.

I was going through some of my older deer photos with my daughter, and saw some of the very first ones we took of Mama and her babies.  Seeing them, it struck me how much the twins have grown in the past couple of months!


Young white tail deer.

The group was very active today, and very nervous about the cats hanging around.  It was cute watching them staring down whichever cat was there, stomping their hooves at them.  Which, for the most part, the cats ignored!

The above picture is one of the twins, after it had shied away from the feed because of a cat.



“MooOOOoomm!  He’s sticking his tongue out at me again!”

I can’t help it. I love these shots!

The Re-Farmer


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