And now for something more pleasant

Critter pictures.  Great for de-stressing.

I didn’t get any photos of deer today.  In fact, the only time I saw them was when I scared them off, returning from one of my outings today.  I just caught the sight of a flashing white tail, disappearing around the house.

My husband sees them more, when the pain has him up much earlier in the day.  At the very least, he saw Hungry Girl and Barbecue come by.  Not sure if it was them I chased off, or Mama and the twins, later on.  None came back while I was at home.

Here are some of the photos of other critters I got today.

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel

I haven’t been able to get many photos of the squirrels, but I got a couple of good ones today.

Red Squirrel and Chickadee

Bombs away!

Not the best of photos, quality wise, but catching the chickadee looking like like that is pure gold!

Female Redpoll

Female Redpoll

I love how the little birds are so light, they can sit on the very top of twigs and seed pods.

Male Redpoll

Male Redpoll

Focusing past the twigs is always a challenge.

I’m not sure why that purple is there, on the twigs.  It’s in the raw image, and not a side effect of post processing.

Any camera techies that can explain it to me?

The Re-Farmer



3 thoughts on “And now for something more pleasant

  1. Great Photos. Perhaps your husband might enjoy photography – it’s so easy to press a shutter button and sometimes, I get so absorbed in looking for something to photograph, my back, hip and sciatic pain recedes into the background.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. Hope you enjoy it.

    Chronic pain is a difficult thing to live with. It never goes away and can take over your life to the point where nothing seems to bring any joy in your day. 8 years ago I had to quit working and my Doctor helped me apply for a Government Disability Pension so at least I have some money to pay my rent and bills. But I also have an inherited serious heart condition as well as other chronic health problems, so each day must be paced with careful attention to living the best you can with what you have.

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s injury and serious pain. As a chronic pain sufferer of some 38 years duration (before I ever had the 2 lumbar spine surgeries), I can sympathise and feel some of what he is going through. Sounds like he is much worse than me though. At least I get out for a walk occasionally and do most things (as long as I don’t twist, turn or lift anything too heavy).


    • Thank you for the compliments. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and photos. 🙂

      My husband used to be an avid photographer. Some of his photos even ended up being used by some bands on their website, and in an album. He even dabbled with the idea of going pro.

      Then life happened, and everything got turned upside down. And that was *before* his back pain began to become debilitating. At one point, he’d been going to physiotherapy and it helped him so much, but then a high stress situation not only caused it all to crash, but likely triggered delayed onset PTSD as well. The last few years have been very difficult for the whole family, and I’m hoping this move to relative isolation well allow us all to recover.

      The doctors keep telling him to get out and “do” things, but he’s in a Catch 22. If he takes enough meds to control the pain, he loses his mental function and ends up sleeping all the time. But if he takes less pain medication, the pain prevents him from being able to focus on things he enjoys.

      And you really describe it well, about how difficult it is to be living in constant pain. It just overwhelms everything. But he’s working on it, little by little. That’s all you can do, eh? One day at a time.


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