Status after storms and rain

This morning, I made a point of walking around the yard to see if there was any damage from the storms.  We’re all still very wet – enough that our sump pump has actually turned on! – and everything is so wonderfully green!

First order of business was to clean out the cat food containers, which were full of water logged kibble.

I had several cats come out to see what I was doing.


None of them were co-operative when it came to getting their pictures taken! 😀

I was very pleased at what the flower garden I’ve been working on looked like.

Absolutely none of the uncovered cardboard blew away.  I am quite surprised, really.  With the winds we had for a while, I’m surprised quite a lot of things didn’t blow away!

No roof damage.  No dead branches fallen down – at least not in the yard.  Just some small branches and twigs.

We’re getting to where we should be mowing the lawn soon.  We’re expecting more rain today, but even without more rain, the grass is far too wet.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get it done on Monday.

Not that there is much grass to mow.

The above photo is of the yard to the east of the house, between the house and a flower garden on that side (though that “flower” garden is now mostly bushes).  On the far side of this garden, there is better grass.

The above photo is the west section of the yard, near the fire pit.  Mostly moss, some weeds, and very little actual grass.


The north side of the yard has a dead patch that perfectly corresponds with the overhanging maple branches above. Hmm.  Do you think there’s a correlation? LOL

The south areas of the yard has more grass, especially on the south east, but under the Chinese Elm by the kitchen, it’s more weeds and dirt than grass.

That tractor tire is an interesting bit of decor. ;-D

At some point, though not likely this year, we will work to improve the lawn.  Even if it’s to move to a ground cover rather than grass.  Some areas are sparse because vehicles get driven in to the door fairly regularly, so I wouldn’t expect anything to do well in those areas.


One thing I was seeing a lot of were black ant hills, like these.  The one in the middle was the biggest I saw.  Most were like the tiny bundle of soil to the left of it.  They’re not good to have in the yard, since they destroy root systems with their digging, but I’m not too worried about them at this point.

Our plans for the day will depend a lot on the weather, but I do hope we’ll still get some outside work done. I had been thinking of building a new barb wire gate for the other driveway, and we still might start preparations for it (like seeing if we can salvage the wood fence posts in the flower garden to replace the rotting posts in the existing barb wire gate) today.  We shall see how it works out.

Little by little, it’s getting done. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Status after storms and rain

  1. When we moved into our old house in Delta, there was a huge truck tire in the yard we couldn’t remove. I suppose it had held glowers at one time. There were also remnants of an old metal/wood clothesline that I wanted to grow flowers on, but at the same time my health decreased and I was unable to complete these tasks. Bummer. I wish you luck in your endeavors.😊

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