Hiking for snakes

We got to play tourist again, today, this time heading out to visit the snake dens.  It turned out to be a fairly cool day, so I wasn’t expecting to see very many.  We did see quite a few, though nothing at all like when they first emerge in the spring.


We saw many along the paths, including some we only saw because they moved when we got too close for their comfort.  More than a few times, we would look ahead and wonder; were we looking at a bunch of snakes up ahead?  Or a bunch of twigs?  Sometimes, it would be both.  Other times, we would see a big branch on the path ahead, only to have it move and turn out to be a huge female (female garter snakes are MUCH bigger than the males).


The dens were filled with huge burdock and nettles, and one of them had snakes draped all over the place!


A few were climbing trees, too.

I’m glad we were able to make the trip while the weather is still holding.  While going in the spring is much more dramatic, I rather like that we had the entire area, all to ourselves!  It made the hike much more enjoyable.

Hmm…  I think living in the city for so long has really peopled me out. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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