Something fishy going on!

Today was very much a kitchen day for me.  We roasted three chickens yesterday, ate most of one for supper, then I de-boned all three, saving the bones and skin to make a stock.

Since I was tending the stock for so many hours (which will be a separate post), I took advantage of the time and started working on cleaning the kitchen.  You know, the pull out the microwave, clear everything off the counters, wash the knife blocks, kind of cleaning.

Our 20 gallon fish tank is in the kitchen, and I decided to do a complete water change on that.  Which meant taking the plants, and our three lonely fish, out completely.


That is the last neon tetra of the 10 I bought, last year. 😦  The algae eaters were sold to me as Siamese algae eaters, but that’s not what they are at all.  I believe these ones are Chinese algae eaters.  We had a pair or Siamese algae eaters when we moved, but when we found we couldn’t set up our 90 gallon tank right away, I quickly picked up the 20 gallon tank we are using now, and transferred our plants and fish.  Sadly, the Siamese algae eaters did not survive.  They survived the drive over, but in the time it took to get the small tank, I think their water just got too cold.  I do want to pick up more; they eat a different kind of algae than the other types of algae eaters.  Plus, I want to get more neon tetras again.

My goal had been to set up the 90 gallon tank with enough plants to not need to use an aerator at all.  With the number of plants I have now, we are able to do that with the 20 gallon tank.  I do have the portable aerator, just in case, but haven’t needed it in months.

Unfortunately, a piece broke when I was disassembling the filter for our 90 gallon tank in preparation for the move.  It’s a connector for a hose.  I figured I could just pick up a new part after the move, but no one carries the brand out here.  It’s not even available on their website.  I can do without an aerator (though we do have one), but not without a filter.  A filtration system for that size of tank is not cheap, so it’s not like we’ll be able to replace it anytime soon.

So the big tank, on its stand, sits in the corner of the living room, taking up space. 😦  My older daughter and I were talking about what to do with it.  We might just put a board across the top, then cover it with a cloth, so it looks better. :-/  I’m sure there’s a piece of plywood we could use, somewhere around here! 😀

Meanwhile, our little fishies are now back in their home, with fresh water and re-arranged decor. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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