At least the bluejays will eat some of the tiny seeds, though they prefer the sunflower seeds.

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Catch!

    • Thanks!

      One of the things I love about digital photography. You can just keep pressing that button and not have to worry about “wasting film”. It allows for catching some amazing images, in between all the junky ones. LOL

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      • It helps, but these days, even our phone cameras take excellent quality shots.

        The bird feeder shots are taking with a Nikon D80 and 70mm telephoto lens. We keep it on a tripod at the window all the time. It’s considered an old camera now, and under the right conditions, my phone can take better quality images, but I still really like the DSLR and the big lens.

        We used to be really into photography – all 4 of us – but … well … life happened. LOL

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