Let it snow

Whoops. I started a draft with this screen capture on my phone, then moved to my desktop to finish it – only to find the WordPress app on my phone published it instead of leaving it in draft.

Ah, well.

As you can see, our temperatures have plummeted overnight, and that wind chill is pretty nasty! I’m happy to say, however, that this is no longer accurate. The Weather Network says we are -24C, with a wind chill of -37C, and we will continue to warm up. Over the next while, we should be in the low -20s and high minus teens.

One thing about living in the boonies. The weather is a much more serious subject than when we were living in the city, where even if we couldn’t get out ourselves, we could get things like groceries and even prescriptions delivered, is absolutely necessary!

We started getting snowfall warnings yesterday. I had been able to make a trip into town to pick up prescriptions and a few other things the day before, so we were set. However, my husband has been having problems with his throat in the mornings, and yesterday morning he had no voice at all. He has many of the symptoms of a cold, but it’s more because of his CPAP. Even with the built in humidifier, when it gets really dry and cold, he ended up with a sore throat and nasal passaged from the forced air.

So as soon as I was able, I decided to head to the pharmacy and see what I could find for him. It had been snowing all day and, s I was getting ready to leave, my daughter warned me that she saw a plow go by, so I knew there would be a plow ridge. When I got to the gate, however, I found it to be much, much larger than I expected. Thankfully, the snow was pretty light and fluffy, so shoveling was not too difficult. When I went back to the house for a shovel, my daughter came with me to help. I’m very glad she did. The pharmacy closes at 4pm on the weekend, and it was already past 3pm. If I had had to do it myself, I probably would not have gotten there in time. As it was, my glasses immediately frosted over, and I could hardly see what I was doing. My daughter ended up doing the bulk of the shoveling.

I had left the van running at the gate chain while we did this. The van started to get stuck a bit, just trying to get out. So when I finished in town (the roads were quite good, which I was happy to see), I made a point of messaging my daughters to let them know I was on the way. This way, my daughter could drop the chain for me before I got there, and I could go through without having to stop. Even then, the snow on the driveway was making it harder to drive though.

With the colder temperatures today, I’m not going to try and fiddle with the switch on the snow blower yet. I’m told there used to be heaters that were used in the garage so work could be done in the winter, but there is no sign of them anymore. Something else to add to the shopping list for this place; heaters than can be used safely in the garage and left there. Not until after we’ve had a chance to clean it up, though. There is an awful lot of scrap scattered about, mixed in with useful stuff. Something to start on over the summer, along with continuing cleaning up the spruce grove.

As much as I am happy we have the snow blower, I really wish the Bobcat was still here. With the snow blower, I can clear quite a bit, but if we had bigger equipment, the job would go faster, and I’d be clearing much much more, including paths to the barn, and even as far as the second gate – areas I wouldn’t dream of trying to do with the snow blower.

One more thing to add to the shopping list; some sort of utility vehicle with attachments like plows, fence post drills, a front end loader and even a back hoe. Though the cost of such equipment is very high, so that’s more for the dream’s list than the shopping list!

Well, I’ve procrastinated enough. Time to go out into the cold and do my round!

The Re-Farmer

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