Morning cats (videos)

The outside cats have been quite entertaining, the last couple of days.

Before heading out to do my rounds yesterday morning, I saw Beep Beep going up one of the trees outside my window – soon followed by Slick. I figured they were heading for the roof again.

When I got to the feeding station, I found Beep Beep, out on a limb. 😀

I think this was her way to get away from the boys!

Now I know why I’m finding small branches where the path I made around the house turns. She’s directly above that spot! 🙂

Then, this morning, I went to the feeding station and found the platform feeder occupied.

Ah, Rolando Moon. So violent in her friendliness!

Not all in the morning rounds is fun stuff, though.

Normally, when I do my rounds, Butterscotch comes to join me. The last couple of days, I never saw her at all; not even curled up in the sun room. The last time I’d seen her was when I took her picture, in this post. When I didn’t see her at all for so long, I feared the worst.

This morning, while I was putting food and water out in the sun room, suddenly she was there! She is still not looking good. One eye had been leaking, and it was stuck shut. She seemed to be cough-sneezing a lot, too. But she was eating and drinking, and moving around more sprightly than the last time I saw her, so that’s encouraging. I do hope the warming weather we’re supposed to have is a help to her. According to the long term forecast, we’re supposed to be just below freezing in about a week, then actually go above freezing!

We’ll see if that actually happens.

The Re-Farmer

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