The family had quite the day, yesterday. One in which my husband and I both found ourselves feeling incredibly grateful for so many things.

Long story short; my husband ended up in the hospital, for about 24 hours, in the emergency ward. He is now home with appropriate medication and happily sleeping in his own bed again.

The first thing we were grateful for was our daughters. Thanks to them, we could take off to the hospital without any worries about home. We knew they would take care of everything that needed doing. When we agreed to move out here and take care of the farm for my mother, they didn’t have to come along. They could have stayed in the city, where there are jobs to be had, gotten their own place and had their own lives. Instead, they chose to move out here to help take care of their dad, and the farm, living in the boonies. Their being here meant I could drive my husband to the hospital and stay with him all day, and not once have to worry about going back to take care of chores and whatnot. Then, when I did have to go back to get my husband’s CPAP and medications, they had it all packed up and ready for me.

We were also grateful for our van. After all the mechanical issues we’ve had to take care of since we got it, it is currently running well. That meant we didn’t have to call and ambulance. It was faster for me to drive him. Even at the hospital, it came in handy. They arranged for a CT scan at 7pm. This is a small town hospital (they don’t even call it a hospital anymore, but a “medical centre”), so this meant going to a nearby city. They had him set up with an IV and had to drain a bag of fluids into him within 20 minutes – but had to stop when they found there was no ambulance available to transport him. There were other patients being transported, so they were out. I said I could drive him, so once that was cleared by the doctor, I went to get the van while the nurse got a pressure sleeve for the IV bag. She got that bag into him in half the time. Maybe less! I got him there in time for his appointment with the CT scan. During the test, they had to put him on oxygen because, once lying on his back, he couldn’t breathe. If he had been in an ambulance, he would have been on a stretcher, and would have had problems breathing the entire trip. Thanks to our van, he got there in relative comfort.

We’re grateful for modern communications! While we were in the hospital, I was able to keep people updated. I had messages going on Skype, my phone’s text messenger, and email; three different communications methods for three different groups of people.

I found myself grateful for money in the bank, and my husband’s excellent insurance plan. While it means a fixed income and very little wiggle room, thanks to his insurance, we have a steady income to rely on. So while we were out, I was able to pop out to the grocery store to get food (there was a cafeteria and vending machines, but it was all cash only; I almost never carry cash) and drink for both of us. We never expected to be gone for so long, and I don’t think they, at the hospital, expected us to be there that long, either! The only time food even came up was just before he was to go for the CT scan, and they were asking when he’d eaten last. Even having that gas budget, after an unexpected trip to another hospital, plus the trip home to get his CPAP, was one more thing we didn’t have to worry about.

We are grateful for family. Just the night before, my brother was able to install the new carburetor on The Beast, and get her purring like a kitten. A very big kitten, to be sure! 😀 He was seeing forecasts for up to 20cm of snow next week and wanted to make sure we had the big snow blower, so after they got off work, they drove out to the farm and dropped it off – along with the new ramps they found for us, and even a box of spare sheer pins! I’m not seeing that big snowfall on our 14 day forecasts, but that’s okay. I can use The Beast to clear out some areas that are too much for our little Spewie to handle. After dropping off the snow blower, they even stopped by at the hospital to see us before heading home. They are so great!

We are grateful for magic technicians. My husband has “shy” veins. It’s always made it difficult for blood work to be done. While they were trying to figure out what was wrong with him, it became an issue. The first tech tried to find a vein in one arm, but couldn’t. Tried the other, at the elbow. Failed. Got someone else in who tried at his hand. Failed. So they sent him off to Xray, to try again when he got back. They tried the first elbow again. Failed. Finally, they brought in the big guns; a technician who is the one they call for situations like this. It took some doing, but she finally was able to get a vein in his other hand and got a couple of vials of blood. Then she had to come back later to get another vial. After seeing her in action, we took to calling her the magic tech. 😀

When it was decided to send him for a CT scan, a different magic tech came in to insert the IV needle. The first spot she found didn’t work, but the second one did. Then she very thoroughly taped the tube down. When he was at the other hospital, getting the scan done, the techs there were very impressed with the excellent job on that IV! Altogether, he had blood work done, chest Xrays, and the CT scan. They were all very competent and professional. The woman who did his IV was the same one who later had to pressurize the bag to get the fluid into him so we could leave. She discovered our gallows humour and shared it, so there were plenty of jokes going on, too!

When they kept him overnight, they had him wired to the max and did an EKG on him a couple of times. He had so many stickies on him! Even after a bunch were taken off, before I took him home, we found more in other areas. I think I finally got the last two off, from his ankles.

By morning, before I even arrived, I got a message from him (did I mention we are grateful for modern communications?) saying he was free to go! He had a prescription to fill, and that was it. He’s got fluid in his lungs.

Which leads me to another thing we are grateful for. Modern medication. It really sucks that he’s on so many, and that he’s still in so much pain. I hate to think, however, of how much pain he would be in, if he wasn’t already maxed out on the pain killers he’s on right now. Or how he would be coping, if he didn’t have the other medications he’s on. Now, there is the new medication, which he only has to take for a week, to get the fluid out of his lungs. He’s already feeling improvement! I can’t even imagine how we would be coping with all this issues, without the medication.

So while yesterday was a long and difficult day that didn’t actually end until this morning, we have so, so much to thank God for. We are truly blessed in so many ways.

The Re-Farmer

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