It’s official… sort of

As of today, it is now official.

We are a two vehicle household.

Sort of.

I was able to register my mother’s car in my name, but it’s still her car. This means that, if she needs help to get to an appointment or go grocery shopping, I can use her car, instead of her struggling to climb up into our van. I will make sure to use it once in a while, just because it’s not good for vehicles to sit around. Today, I plan to take it in for a car wash! 😀

But I am getting ahead of myself.

I went to the hospital to see my husband, after dropping our daughter off at work. I was glad to see him sitting up, and looking somewhat better, at least around the face – he’s still pretty puffed up. His very alert demeanor, however, was not for anything good.

He had not had his pain killers since he took his evening meds, when I brought them to him, two nights ago.

The hospital is supposed to provide his medications, but they didn’t order them in the other day (they are not kept on hand, normally), then didn’t order them in again.

Also, they took away his back of prescriptions. So he couldn’t even go into his own supply.

The only real explanation is, it’s a hospital. I imagine it’s to make sure patients don’t accidentally overdose or something, but still…

He was in extreme pain, to say the least.

It gets worse.

The doctor came by while I was there, and was told about the lack of pain medication. He went to find out what was going on, and he came back to assure us that it would be in the morning meds. However, he had also been told that it had been included in his meds yesterday, too. It was on the paperwork.

I was there when the medications were finally delivered. It is a very distinctive coloured pill, and they most certainly did NOT give it to him with yesterday’s meds.

Either some sort of mistake or misunderstanding was made, or someone backdated the paperwork to cover their butt.

I’m hoping to get the bag of medications I’d brought in, so I can at least take them home. The doctor said he would find out what happened to it.

Meanwhile, the doctor informed us that everything has been arranged for the heart test in the city – including a second one, depending on the results of the first. Transportation is arranged, and he assured my husband that he will be able to sit up while being transported. This is a big deal, as there is no way he’d be able to lie on his back for long, never mind the hour, minimum, it will take to get him to whatever hospital they are sending him to.

They will also assess his file on Monday.

So… his being there through the weekend seems to at least have been extended to include Monday. I don’t know what day he’s being taken in for tests, so it may be past that. As the doctor was telling us about it, I was still under the impression that my husband would be sent home before the testing date, so when he started talking about arranged transportation, I was thinking, “from home?”, but I didn’t want to interrupt what he was telling us to find out.

Hopefully, we’ll have better information later today.

Once my husband was medicated (3 hours later than he normally takes his meds), I headed out to a new tax preparer in a nearby town.

I am SO much happier with this person. It turns out she gets the disability tax credit, herself, so she knows exactly what how to deal with it, first hand. She also asked about my getting the caregiver tax credit. I’d looked into it in the past, but I didn’t qualify – or so I thought. Her husband gets it for her, so she was able to explain how it works, and yes, I definitely qualify. Too last for last year’s taxes, but I got the form for that.

We’re also going to have to re-do the paperwork for the disability tax credit, because she was able to confirm, it wasn’t there. Her best guess is that the government needed more information, sent it back to the doctor, and the doctor never followed through. Meanwhile, we got no notification or anything. The tax preparer from last year should have told us this, but we just got our paperwork and he never got back to us about it. If we’d known, we could have started the process up again, almost a year ago. Now, it’ll take months to get processed, all over again.

Meanwhile, she’s going to go over our stuff, refile the previous year with me in there, along with this years, and do her best to bring down the amount owed. Even with that, she assured me that once the disability tax credit is processed, everything will get reassessed. It goes back up to 10 years.

Still, it’s going to take months to clear all this up. *sigh*

We just have to get this paperwork in, first.

I felt very encouraged by the time I left her.

After seeing my husband again – he was finally getting some sleep – and registering my mother’s car, I headed home. While dropping the chain at the gate, I decided to see if enough snow had cleared, that I could move the vandalized gate.

It hadn’t, but enough had cleared that I could finally see this.


When the gate had been jacked off the hinges, then moved, it was left upside down. I didn’t bother taking off the lock and chain until I could move it.

What you see in the picture is a long screw that was used as a pin. The two sides of the gate were held closed with a sliding bar, and the screw pin was pushed through, ensuring the bar could never accidentally slide out of place.

The person who vandalized it never bothered to move the bar, so the pin was still in place when the whole thing was being manhandled.

It’s just a small thing, but one more thing that we’ll need to replace, all things to one person’s behaviour. 😦

The Re-Farmer

One thought on “It’s official… sort of

  1. I was watching for an update on your husband. Glad he is FINALLY getting his pain meds! I feel bad for people that do not have advocates when they are in a hospital or nursing home, Continual prayers!

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