Bouncin’ Babies

Ah, spring is in the air!

Here is some video I found while checking the trail cam this morning.

Pay close attention to the background.

The young deer back there are just full of bounce and energy!!

We are also looking ahead to more bouncing babies.


Butterscotch is getting big, and it’s not just gaining weight from having a reliable food source, anymore! She’s getting quite rolly polly in the middle. Should be interesting to see how big of a litter she has!


I’m pretty sure that Beep Beep is pregnant. She, too, has put on weight just from having reliable access to food, so it may be just that, but … well … it’s that time of year!

The last while, it has been Beep Beep that has been following me when I do my rounds and wanting to be picked up. Butterscotch still wants up and attention, but I think it’s starting to get uncomfortable for her to be picked up, no matter how gentle I try to be. Beep Beep is taking advantage of this, it seems. She will just loll about in my arms, then give me chin kisses.

Such sweet kitties!

The Re-Farmer

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