Bonus critter, fire hazards, yard stuff and update

The last couple of days have been very windy. I’d hoped to start cleaning up the fallen twigs and branches around the yard by now, but we’re not quite there, yet.

While putting out feed for the birds and deer, I thought I would do one thing, though. There is a bird house on a post outside our dining room window that has a tree growing next to it. The tree has a couple of trunks growing out of its base, one of which is growing against the post, pushing it aside. I figured this would be a good time to try and shift the one trunk to the other side of the post. This way, it might start pushing the post straight again.

That didn’t quite work.

It broke off completely.


As you can see from the stump, this is not the first time it has broken! Though the tree only put out 2 or 3 cherries – the only reason we figured out what the tree was – it was in full leaf and seemed to be strong and healthy, so it was a bit of a surprise to see how dry and half-rotted the base turned out to be. It makes me wonder about the one part that’s still there.

We shall see how it does, this year.

Before heading out to see my husband in the hospital, we had a new visitor.


This lone deer came wandering through from the South yard, and just hung out by the spruces for a while, before finally coming in to eat.


That is one hungry looking deer!

She reminds me of Hungry Girl and Barbecue, the two deer that were regular visitors all last winter.

Unfortunately, we scared her off when we left, but I hope she came back later.

Driving into town had its own excitement. You know those high winds I mentioned?

While driving along the highway, I saw a red flash of light in the distance. Then it happened again. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but there is a highways department gravel yard in the area, so I thought it might be from some equipment. As we passed the gravel yard, though, we saw a pick up truck half off the road, facing the wrong way, near a driveway.

Then we saw flames in the ditch.

My first thought went to someone doing a controlled burn, forgetting completely that no one would be doing that in these winds.

Then we saw branches, with glowing embers, dropping down.

The high winds had knocked over a small group of spruce trees. They’d fallen on the power line, were flashing into flame, and burning branches had started the fire.

The people with the truck we saw quickly got back in, then drove into a farmyard nearby, so we knew things would soon be taken care of. As we continued, I saw the red flashes of fire – and a blue flash of electricity – in my rear view mirror for some time.

On the way home from the visit, we could see how far the fire had burned on the ground before it was put out, and a truck from the electric company was taking down trees. There were still trees leaning on the wires, but we passed another truck further down the road, where they would have cut the power at.

Though I had done my rounds this morning, when we got home, I did a walk around the yard again!

The crazy thing is to walk around, seeing how badly we need to do a controlled burn in several areas, while at the same time being as paranoid about fire as I am. 😦

There are lots of downed branches revealed by the melted snow, all small, thankfully, and none showing signs of char on them. I did find one mystery near the fire pit, though.


This little piece of wasp nest.

It’s dry, so it hasn’t been there long. There are no other bits and pieces, and no sign of where it might have gotten blown in from. I know for sure it didn’t come from any of the nearby trees, since I had been working on cutting and pruning so much last year. Plus, once the leaves fell, a nest that would have had this size of a piece of egg cells would have been very visible.

So I have no idea where this came from!

As for our visit with my husband, things are much the same for him. They did do a weigh today, and he’s down another 9 pounds in two days. It also turned out they hadn’t changed up the timing of his pill form of the diuretic, after removing the catheter. He was still getting one in the evening, which meant having to get up frequently. He’ll now be getting them in the afternoon, so he should be getting more sleep at night. He’s still on liquid restrictions, but it’s getting to the point where we are starting to wonder if that is going for too long. His voice was very dry and rough sounding today.

Apparently, he has an appointment on the 17th. For what, he doesn’t know. He only heard the nurses talking about it during shift change. I’m hoping it’s for the angiogram. With a week’s notice, they should be able to arrange the transportation for him, if it is, like they were supposed to last time, had they not had just a few hours notice. At some point, someone needs to actually tell him something.

If is the angiogram, he might actually be home before Easter!

Unless they find other reasons to keep him in the hospital. 😦

Not going to think that far ahead on that. It’s just one day at a time right now.

Meanwhile, I’ve started working on the paperwork for our wills and for Power of Attorney; something we had been talking about getting done before he ended up in the hospital. The will part is easy. We don’t really own anything of value. It still needs to be done, though.

Just wish the timing were better. We should have done this long ago.

Ah, well. It is what it is!

The Re-Farmer

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