Back to work (and update)

Today, I finally went through the yard to pick up the winter’s fallen branches.


I got three wheel barrows full. One of them was just branches from under the willow tree in the south yard. Another was almost entirely from the ancient willow in the maple grove.

Rather than adding to the piles all over the place, we got the fire pit going. We burned the sticks found in the yard, plus more from the piles. Until we can get hold of a wood chipper, I want to focus on getting rid of the pile against the old log shed. It’s more of a fire risk than any of the other piles near the fire pit.

It turned out to be surprisingly hot out there; I don’t know what the high was, but part of it is not being acclimatized to warmer temperatures, yet! Though the sky attempted to rain on us several times, we did have to break out the hose.

I think it’s pretty safe now, temperature wise, that we can start taking away the insulation around the base of the house for the summer. Not today, though. While my daughter tended the fire, I did a bit of clean up outside the sun room, including the straw around the old dog house and putting it on the garden by the old kitchen. In moving the other wheelbarrow that was leaning against it for extra shelter for the cats, I could see where they had used the straw to curl up in. 🙂 I wasn’t able to get all the straw out, though. At the base, where snow melted from the roof of the dog house, there was a thick layer of ice with straw frozen in it. Now that it’s uncovered, it will thaw quickly, and I will finish clearing it away.

When I did my rounds this morning, my husband came out with his walker and accompanied me! We walked around the inner yard, and he was quite pleased with how accessible it is now. Then he used the driveway while I went through the trees to change the memory card on the trail cam. While at the gate, he got an app on his phone going to measure distance as we walked the length of the driveway to just past the pump shack. Beyond that would have been a bit too rough for the walker. Still, he clocked half a kilometer in that distance. Counting the walk around the house and up the driveway, that means he walked over a kilometer in total! We took it slow enough that he didn’t have to stop and sit on his walker. Though he did recognize later on that he over did it, it has been months since he has been able to walk even half that distance without having to sit and rest his back! Before he went into the hospital, he couldn’t walk from one end of the house to the other without having to stop and catch his breath.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, while I was on the computer checking the trail cam videos, he came to me with breakfast that he had cooked! It was painful for him to do, but he managed it. What a sweetheart!

Since he’s been home from the hospital, his weight did stop dropping at first, even with the diuretics, until this morning, when he was down another 3 pounds. Our scale at home does not match the one in the hospital (when he came home, it had him about 25 pounds lower than the chair scale they used), but that doesn’t matter; what matters is tracking any changes, one way or the other. I’m far more comfortable with a 3 pound loss than with what he was losing in the last days he was in the hospital, which was pretty scary. He had me come look at his feet just the other day. They are no longer puffy and when he flexed them, we would see his skin turn into a mass of wrinkles, from being so bloated for so long!

One of his goals is to be able to walk around the yard with just a cane. Personally, I would rather he stuck to the walker, anyhow, just for the aid in balancing on uneven ground, but it would be awesome if he could get to that point.

Now, if we could just get a call from the pain clinic to help with that…

The Re-Farmer

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