A new bed

My husband went out to visit the cats in the sun room, and found the kittens squirming around on the floor!

He put them back in their spot and told me about it, so I made them a new bed. Hopefully, the walls will be enough to keep them from rolling off the bench seat they are on.

Unless Butterscotch is the reason they were down. She’s been using the box next I made in hopes that Beep Beep will have her kittens there. I thought she might have tried to move her kittens there, but when I went in later, I found her in the box, and the kittens on the swing bench.

The theory is that mama needs a break from the babies. πŸ˜€


While mama was snoozing in the box, her babies were snoozing on the bench. Even when they started mewing as I moved them, Butterscotch stayed right were she was!


If nothing else, it’s clean and warm. πŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

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