Shingle damage

We noticed some damaged shingles yesterday, so I made a point of checking it out and looking for any other damage while doing my rounds this morning.

This is what we saw when we came home yesterday.


You can see the patch job above, where some shingles had flipped up. One of my brothers had fixed it, and now I wonder if these shingles came loose due to unseen damage done by feet while the patch was being worked on. The roof is old enough that it wouldn’t take much.

I also found this.


It looks like a shingle got flipped up.

I could not find any other damage like this elsewhere, though I cannot see parts of the roof from the ground. I’ll need to ask my daughters to check, from the second floor.

The North side of the old kitchen roof, however, is looking pretty black, getting darker closer to the eaves.

We can patch things up as needed, but the reality is, we need a new roof.

Plus new flooring.

Plus all the walls need to be redone.

Plus the wiring needs to be updated in places, and simply increased throughout the house.

What this house really needs is a total renovation.

Which would basically happen if we win the lottery or something.

Until then, patch jobs it is.

The Re-Farmer

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