Today’s kitty pictures.

When starting my rounds this morning, I had both mamas looking at the door, waiting for me in the sun room! As soon as I opened the second door from the old kitchen, Beep Beep ran right in, then looked at me… waiting…

For what, I have no idea, but it gave me a chance to peek at her babies.


Just look at them! They’re like an adorable row of furry sausages. ❤

Then I looked into the box nest for Butterscotch’s babies.

It was empty.


There was only one place left she could have moved them. Under the cat cave set up. My husband had put a couple of blankets under there, so the cats wouldn’t be right on winter-cold concrete, and I’d used one of them for the box nest I made that Beep Beep is using. The other was still there.

Sure enough, that’s where the kittens were.

I was able to reach a corner of the blanket and pull it out, giving them a ride that they didn’t seem to mind at all! 🙂


This blanket was quite dirty, smelly and covered with a winter’s worth of crud. 😦

So I put the babies back into the box nest, then set aside the blanket until I can wash it, when I am finally able to clean this room.

I’m really glad we’ve been able to keep the mamas in here. Last year, Butterscotch moved her babies at least 4 times, that I know of. Dragging them back and forth across the yard like that was not a pleasant experience for the babies, I’m sure. In here, even if she does try to move them, it can only be very short distances, they’re easy to find, and can be moved back to their cozy little nest with relative ease.

The down side of using this room is… well… it’s a sun room. It can get quite hot. We are supposed to hit 22C today, so it’s going to be really warm in there today. I was able to open the window of the storm door leading into the old kitchen, so we can now leave the inner door open and cool air from the cold kitchen can circulate into the sun room a bit. We’ll also get the ceiling fan going later on – I don’t want to use it much until Beep Beep gets used to it. We can open the inner door from the sun room to outside, as well. The outer door’s upper window is just a screen. It has holes in it, but it’s too high for the cats to jump through it, and they certainly couldn’t do while carrying a kitten. The door’s latch isn’t as secure, though, so it’s another thing I’d rather avoid doing.

Over the next while, I want to get some good photos of both mamas and the babies, and put the word out that they will be available for adoption once the babies are weaned. I think Beep Beep and Butterscotch will make wonderful, affectionate house cats – and they are now litter trained, too.

The Re-Farmer

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