The things I see

Posting is going to be a bit light over the next few days. Hopefully, I will be able to upgrade my WordPress account by this weekend, giving me more storage for photos. I am hoping to continue doing the before and after posts that I did while cleaning and clearing the yard last year. I will also be restarting the Critter of the Day posts – we’ve been seeing all sorts of new birds I’m excited to share with you!

It’s been a surprisingly chilly spring. It’s warm enough during the day, but even last night, we got another frost warning, and we’ve had our furnace turning on during the night!

Which leaves me feeling very behind on my work outside. I just hope this means we’ll have a longer fall to make up for it.

Meanwhile, here are some of the things I see as I do my usual routine.

Like when we open the garage.

Yesterday, when I opened the garage doors to where my mother’s car is, two swallows immediately flew in to continue building a nest they’ve started!

We are now leaving the south doors partly open, and the north door completely open, for them to get in and out. The last thing we want to do is trap a bird in the garage.

I also find things while weed trimming.

I still haven’t mowed the lawn yet, but I did finally get the edges trimmed. In the process of working around this rotting old planter, I found yet another glazed brick.

I wonder how many years it’s been sitting here, for the brick to sink into the ground like that?

I wonder how many more are under there?

While doing my rounds last night, I heard some cat growls and hissing and found…

Doom Guy had chased Rolando Moon up a tree!

I’ve noticed more and more cats are acting aggressively towards Rolando Moon this year. I’m not sure I feel any sympathy, considering how mean Rolando Moon has been to the other cats!

This morning, while feeding the outside cats, I saw I had an audience.

All four of Butterscotch’s kittens! Three of them had squeezed their way between the window and the dresser I use as a tool chest, and the fourth came up to join them.

We will have to keep a close eye on the kitties. It’s wood tick season, and this morning I found one attached above the eye of one of Beep Beep’s babies! It was difficult to get a grip to remove it, since the more I tried, the more the kitten squirmed.

We’ve been seeing ticks outside, or on ourselves after coming in from yard work (none attached yet), but for one to get into the sun room and onto a kitten is downright odd. Those little bloodsuckers get in anywhere!

Thankfully, wood ticks are not Lyme disease carriers; that is carried by deer ticks and we don’t have those in the area, so far. Not that this makes them safe, by any means. The girls picked up some Deep Woods Off, which is supposed to be really good for repelling ticks, but it’s not like we can spray the kittens with it, so we will just have to get into the habit of checking them when we go in to play with them.

Butterscotch’s babies are bouncing all over the sun room, eating solid food and even trying to figure out the litter box!

There is always something interesting to see around here. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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