Gates, take two, and getting wired… less

So today has been an odd mix of productive and not so productive.

First up, we set up the wifi booster in the garage. There was some doubt as to whether it would work, as the outlets are against a metal clad wall.

The first outlet didn’t work, but the second one did. 😀

We now have wireless internet in the garage. Yay!

While this will come in hand if I need to be reached while working in the spruce grove, the main reason it’s there is for when my brother sets up the wifi security camera.

So that was productive.

The other thing on the to-do list was the gates. We’ve decided to evict the van and set them up in the garage.

Unfortunately, they were covered in dust, dirt and bird poop by now, so I had to wash them again. Which meant putting together 4 leaky hoses, so I could rinse them off, later.

We really need new hoses.

Then I had to let them dry. Which they should be by now, but it’s late in the day, so they’re not going to get paint until… probably Monday.

Ah, well. At least they’re inside. Weather forecasts are for rain from tonight, through Monday. I might have to half-close the garage door, but I should be able to paint them, anyhow.

So that was semi-productive.

I’ll save the rest for another post. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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