Basement finds and explorations

It’s been a hot one here today, so not a lot of outside stuff until later on. It was fascinating to find out from a dear friend that, in the city we moved away from, they had only 8C, and not too far from there, people got snow!

One of the things I need to do is re-pot some of our indoor plants. Today, I made a trip into the basements (which I usually avoid, because my feet and stairs don’t get along at the best of times!) to rifle through the various plant pots I had seen hidden in various places.

I left behind the ones that are more appropriate for growing transplants (I’ll save those for other things in the future) and brought out various ones I thought might be good for our house plants.

I also snagged a daughter to help me bring up the seat on wheels that was down there.

I also got some plant pots from the sun room, and others I’d found in the sun room when we first cleaned it out, and stuck into the shelf we now keep just outside of it.

That wagon thing is awesome. The tires were completely flat, though. Thankfully, we have a hand pump – the compressor would have been a bit much for these! LOL I made sure to wash the wagon first, so that I could use it later, when washing all the pots.

It was perfect for the job. 🙂

Several of the pots turned out to have cracks in them and had to be thrown out. Many of the ones with drainage holes do not have matching drain trays, and there were several trays without matching – or matchable – pots. I think there are 5, maybe 6, that I can use for house plants. I think that should be enough. Some of the pots I will be moving plants out of can be re-used right away.

I was thinking ahead about using gravel at the bottom of the pots, and wondered if I might be able to find anything usable in our old gravel pit. I haven’t been there since last year. So I went to check it out, along with one of my daughters.

This pond used to be our gravel pit.

The gravel in the foreground, plus one other area, are the only places where gravel is still exposed, and that’s because gravel had been taken from here around the time we moved out. All the rest of it is grown over.

So… not much chance of getting usable gravel from here, but we do have a nice pond with quite a diversity of plant life thriving in it! From the tracks my daughter found along the water’s edge, it is being visited by at least one deer with its fawn.

When the renter brings his cows over to this section, this is one of their water sources. Last year it was so dry, he had to provide water for them.

Since we were exploring, anyhow, we followed along a marshy area towards another pond. There, we found a tree that came down during our most recent wind storms.

Taking a closer look, it was clear why this tree came down.

There were still ants actively using the trunk!

Continuing around, we found found this on a tree that fell, long ago.

There was another, half hidden in the tall grass, and more growing among the exposed roots.

Just on this tree. None of the many other fallen trees had mushrooms growing on them!

Walking around this rented out area, the grass is really high. When the cows are brought over, they will have plenty to graze on!

On my to-do list for tomorrow, if all goes well, I’ll get some house plants re-potted. I’ll also move our big umbrella tree outside for the summer. 🙂 It could really use a new pot, too, but I’m not finding any big enough that aren’t meant for outdoors!

Hard to believe the first day of summer is just a couple of days away!

The Re-Farmer

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