Much better, this time

Well, I’m certainly glad I was able to finish clearing out that old tire planter when I did, because it started raining that night, and it’s been raining on and off ever since.

So much so, we even found mushrooms starting to grow on one of the maple logs stacked behind the house!

The moss is really starting to grow on them, too – and this from only just the past few weeks!

Today, my husband had an appointment at the cardiac clinic again. This time, it was a follow up, not for any procedure. Things went much better this time. Though we left at 11:30 for a 1:45 appointment, we actually arrived at about 1:30. He got called in “only” a little over 20 minutes late. :-/

The member of the cardiac team we saw today was not only new to us, but new to the job, too. She was really excellent.

Most of the time was spent going through his medication list to make sure what was on file matched what he was actually taking. Which is good, because one of the lists she had included a medication he is no longer taken. They also didn’t reflect the most recent increase of one of his pain meds, on an “as needed” basis. He’s on medications she had never heard of before!

We get that fairly regularly, I’ve noticed.

She asked a lot of questions that had us needing to explain that his responses are pain related, not heart related. For example, they want to know how long he can walk before he starts getting out of breath. He doesn’t. But he also can’t walk for long before the pain forces him to stop and take a break.

In the end, though, everything is great. His blood pressure is fine. His heart and lungs sound good. He has no sign sign of fluid retention (even though he’s drinking way more water than he should be!). His weight is stable.

Basically, if a person didn’t know about his hospitalization and what led to it, there would be nothing to show he has a heart condition, at all.

One of the things I did was create a printout of a flow chart showing the various things my husband has to deal with, and how they related to each other, with pain being the central point pretty much everything else radiates from. The heart condition isn’t even on there, since I made it while he was in the hospital, and really, all of it is a contributing factor. She actually found the visual very helpful, since it includes things that typically don’t come up during these appointments, but are still relevant factors.

Eventually, she got around to asking about an angiogram.

Our reactions to that definitely got her attention! 😀

So we explained what happened, and why he had to leave before the angiogram was even done. Including the fact that he had to make two trips into the city within 3 days, so he was already past his limit by the time we arrived for the angiogram. It’s not the procedure that’s the problem. It’s all the stuff leading up to it, and that whole expectation to arrive an hour in advance to do a registration that takes only a couple of minutes, and then not even knowing if he’ll get in to the procedure on schedule.

She listened to what we described and took notes, then told us that she would see what she could do about rescheduling the angiogram while also accommodating the needs of his disability that is completely aside from the heart condition.

Beyond that, there were some planned tweaks to his new medications (they will continue to be adjusted over time, because it’s too risky to adjust all of them at once), and he has to go for another EKG later this month. That does not require an appointment. He has the requisition form and just needs to drop in at the local hospital’s lab, shortly after the middle of the month.

Though everything went well, my husband was already past his limit even before we left. Once we cleared the city core, we stopped at a McDonald’s to quickly grab something he could take his quick release pain medication with.

Which is where we saw this.

There are only the two disabled parking spots at this location.

I was able to park near their mobile order pick up spots – areas that I could be sure would be open most of the time – so that my husband would have room to get out and get his walker from the side of the vehicle. As we went in, I took this picture, which is when I saw that the driver of the truck was just sitting there. I think he was using his phone.

We were not in a position to say anything at the time, since my husband really needed to just get in and get something to ingest with his pain killer, and of course, he was gone by the time we were done.

So I just posted a picture on my Facebook page.

Without the license plate hidden.

As expected, when we left, the mobile order pick up spot was empty, and my husband had no problem getting in. I, on the other hand, had to squeeze my way between our van and the huge pick up truck that pulled in next to us.

Why does it always have to be a big truck? Why can’t it be a Smart Car or something? LOL Even before we moved, when my daughters were both working at a hardware store with a huge parking lot, and I would park well in the open so they could see me, there would always be some huge pick up truck that would ignore all the empty spaces to park between me and the store. It’s like I’m a magnet for large vehicles. 😀

The drive home was still very painful for my husband, so when we got closer, he messaged our daughters to open the gate for us, so we could pull in and drive right into the yard without having to stop (I love technology!!). At that point, he could cane it into the house, while we would bring his walker in for him, because lifting it up the stairs would have been too much for him at that point.

We really need a ramp.

A new roof has priority, though.

I’ll get that done after we win the lottery tonight. 😀

Meanwhile, tomorrow, I have my own medical appointment, this time in the smaller, slightly closer, city. A stress test, as part of a series of tests to try and determine why I’ve had such a drop in stamina and increase in fatigue since last summer.

It should be interesting, if nothing else!

The Re-Farmer

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