Clean up: no more pile of stuff!

We were able to use all the chimney inserts that were piled behind the house, and even the last chimney block, while winterizing around the house. That meant I could finally clean up that area once and for all!

This area has taken me two years to clean up.

Here is what it was like when I first started working on it, back in May of last year.


I’d already started to clear things out, when that photo was taken!

Back then, I didn’t even know what the blocks and inserts even were.

After moving all the chimney inserts, I pulled the last chimney block out of the dirt, where it had sunk down a fair bit.

Of course, I found things in it.

That file was likely used to sharpen garden hoes.

More broken glass. I find a lot of that.

Another broken one of those glazed bricks that are everywhere.

I ended up making use of the file to push the dirt out of the narrow chimney block openings.

Once the big stuff was clear, there were a bunch of bricks – some whole, some broken – to clear out, along with various pieces of garbage and whatnots.

This was also among the debris.

The next step was to rake the area to uncover anything I might have missed.

The raking it again, crossways, to get the rest of what I missed!

Once I was relatively confident that I’d removed all the broken bits of bricks, rocks, pieces of glass, plastic, twine and miscellaneous other bits of debris, I racked the dirt and leaves back to fill in the indentations and level it off.

I’m still leaving the old cream separator basin my mother used as a planter, on the stump, since it keeps the stump nice and visible, even when buried in snow. I used most of the soil in it for transplants, so I put the broken pieces of bricks and any stones I found into it. I think we’ll be able to make use of them, so I don’t want to just add them to the junk pile.

Once it was all cleaned up and leveled, I move the picnic table directly over the spot.

One of the things done earlier was the removal of the tarps we’d put over where we hope to plant a garden next year.

Amazingly, there was a line of green growth under one of the tarps! It somehow managed to get enough light to grow.

This meant we had tarps available.

So I used one.

This is one of the tarps that I salvaged from the old wood pile. It’s big enough to completely wrap around the picnic table! I still added the bricks for weight, because I know we’ll be getting high winds over the winter.

I think this is probably the first time that picnic table has ever been covered for the winter.

It had been my hope to clean and paint it this past summer, and get a bit more use out of it – it’s in pretty bad shape, but some paint would extend its life a bit until we can replace it. Just one of many things that didn’t end up happening this year! Between health issues for my husband, and weather and a whole bunch of other things, it just wasn’t a priority.

It would be good if we could manage it next year, though. That picnic table was actually ours, before we moved out of province, back in 2004! We had bought it second hand, too, so it’s at least 20 years old. So really, it’s doing pretty good for its age! 🙂

Another job done! Yay!

The Re-Farmer

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