A few interesting things today

While doing my rounds, I noticed something about the storm damage to one of our elms that I hadn’t before. I simply didn’t stop to look, since it’s still to wet and snowy to start cleaning the damage up, until today while doing my morning rounds.

This branch here isn’t just broken.

It’s broken off completely. The only reason it’s not on the ground is because it fell on another little branch that’s holding it up!

The girls and I had to make a trip into the city today, and while driving around, we saw so many damaged trees. Some were large ones that basically split apart at their turns, as heavy branches on different sides broke off in different directions.

One of our stops was at a Walmart, and I’m one of those people that would rather park far away and walk, rather than part next to other vehicles.

Other drivers, not so much.

We came back to this.

Why do people do that? It’s not like the driver didn’t have plenty of room on the other side. My own vehicle would probably have been in the way of the driver getting out, too.

I didn’t even try to get in.

Rather than crawl across from the other side, my younger daughter was able to squeeze in and pulled forward.

My daughter was an absolute sweetheart today.

She bought me new shoes.

These are the ones I bought for myself this spring.

I’ve bought these same shoes, with built in insoles, for many years. They usually last me several years before I have to replace them. This time, they started falling apart almost immediately. I’ve had these ones for maybe 6 months. I’d actually glued the sole back on several times, but none of the super-duper adhesives I tried, worked for long.

I didn’t pick the same brand again, this time. We’ll see how long these ones last! đŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

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