And early start in the dark

Today was that day of the month that always reminds me how much I dislike shopping! 😀

Actually, it went very well, all things considered. So I’m happy about that.

I got an early start to doing my rounds, which meant it was still very dark as I switched out the memory card on the trail cam.

I also paused to take this photo of our lights.

When we first moved here, and this area was still filled with trees growing in the fence line, there were a couple of strings of very old Christmas lights. Many were broken, others burnt out, and still others had whatever colour they were peeled off the glass. As soon as I was able, I replaced them with these LED lights, which I leave on all the time. They make it easier to see our driveway at night, and I just really love seeing them sparkling through the trees. I started with two strings of the white lights, adding a third later on, and last Christmas, we also had a couple of strings of coloured lights for the season.

LED lights are supposed to last a long time, and at first, there would just be a couple that had gone out, now and then. The boxes come with only 2 spares.

Throughout the summer, the days were long enough that I couldn’t really see what bulbs may have gone out, so it was a surprise for me to go by on my evening rounds a bit later than usual, and discovering so many were out. The photo is of the two strings of lights in one direction, and one of them has one half of its lights out! The string running towards that gate also has many burnt out bulbs.

I am not impressed by this.

I have since picked up two strings of lights. When I am able to go out and add the colourful Christmas lights for the season, I plan to take out all the burns out bulbs, and replace the one string completely, then use the bulbs that are still working to replace burnt out ones on the other strings.

If there are enough of them!

While I was checking the lights, I also took an accidental picture that I really like!

Oooo… So moody! LOL


After dropping one daughter off at work, my other daughter and I headed into the city. We stocked up on cat food – for inside and outside cats – and cat litter. I finished off the outside cat food just this morning, too. That, on its own, was in the $200 range. We are planning to make a second trip into the city in a couple of days, but we still ended up going to Walmart, Costco, and a regular grocery store. We were at the point of needing to pick up a lot of basic ingredients; flour, sugar, baking powder, that sort of thing, as well as the usual stocking up for the month. When we go back to the city, the girls will have their own grocery shopping to do, plus we’ll be picking up some rigid insulation for winterizing.

Which reminds me; I need to make another phone call to our renter and find out about that bale we were supposed to buy and get delivered. On the way back from the city, we drove past our field that he’s renting. The last I went by that way, they were busily harvesting the corn, and I thought they were done. I see much of the corn is still standing – maybe half of it was harvested. I wonder if the rest is a loss. We saw other fields all over in various stages of harvest, and others completely untouched. Corn. Hay. Sunflowers. Flax. A dozen municipalities, including our own, declared agricultural emergencies due to the weather conditions. I read just yesterday that our province’s request to Ottawa for assistance for our farmers got rejected. I so no reason given as to why. It’s going to be devastating for a lot of people.

As for us, we just chug along and to the best we can.

The Re-Farmer

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