It’s getting cold out there

A couple of days ago, our temperatures were hovering around 0C.

It rained.

Well, more of a misting than rain, but everything got coated with ice. The roads weren’t too bad. The municipalities got the sand trucks out doing the main intersections very quickly. They can’t go everywhere, though. While in town during my daughter’s short shift yesterday, I found all the sidewalks and parking lots gleaming with a layer of ice.

Temperatures had started to dip into the mid to low teens below freezing, but we haven’t really had things get severely cold, but that doesn’t seem to stop some people. When I parked at my usual spot at the beach to play a bit of Pokemon Go, I found a car had driven onto the sand. Then, I saw the three people walking on the ice, going out further onto the lake. It wasn’t until I happened to glance around a pole that was blocking my view that I realized they were walking to a vehicle, parked way out on the ice. !!! It is TO EARLY to be driving on the lake right now!

They seemed to be okay, but after I got home and went on one of the local Facebook groups, I found out someone had gone on the ice with their truck and a trailer. They drove near a breakwater and broke through the ice. Last I heard, the driver got out okay, but the truck and trailer sank.

Why do people do that?

It won’t be long before the lake really is frozen enough to drive on, and the ice fishing huts will get set up. This morning, when I went to feed the critters, it was -24C (-11F) with a “feels like” of -31C (-24F). Our high of the day is supposed to be -18C (about 0F) and fell like -24C. Overnight, we’re supposed to hit -25C (-13F), but feel like -35C (-31F).

Thankfully, we won’t have to go out much over the next week.

One good thing is, the heated water bowl works!

Even if it did get frosty above the water line.

Also, I have no idea how kibble keeps getting into the bowl.

I was a little disappointed to find this, though.

Yup. There’s still frost developing inside the main door.

There is weather stripping flush with the door at the base, and it’s in good condition. The door itself now has insulation on it. Even the gap under the door on the outside is now insulated.

But the cold is still getting through.

At least it isn’t as bad as what we saw our first winter here, though not by much.

There really isn’t much more we can do about this. The door should be replaced.


It’s already on the list. Not very high on the list, unfortunately. It’s hard to judge priorities, when the whole house needs a top to bottom renovation. What is most effective to repair or replace, and what is not worth doing at all until other stuff gets done first? For example, there’s no point in replacing the door with a modern external door to replace this wood one, without also replacing the frame. And if we’re replacing the entire frame, in what condition will we find things when we take the old one out, after so many decades of moisture freezing and melting here?

Ah, well. It is what it is. We’ll deal.

The Re-Farmer

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