Another day

I had some company while I was doing my rounds this morning.

I thought it was just adorable, how they loafed themselves against the wind, while keeping their toes out of the snow. 😀

I would love to have been able to do that same, this morning!

The batteries were getting low on the new trail cam, which meant any drop in temperature would make the camera shut itself off. Then turn itself back on again, when the temperatures went up a few degrees.

The new camera is held in place with a strap, rather than Bungee cords. It’s more secure, but harder to take on and off, so I just loosened the strap, then flipped the camera upside down, braced against the tree, to access the batteries. It has a spring loaded latch over the battery case, and uses 8 AA batteries.

The problem was, there was a bitterly cold wind coming from the south, and I was at the south fence line. That meant, no shelter from the wind. Not even the tree provided any protection.

I make it a practice to trigger a recording before and after I change the memory card, so that when I check the files, I can see if I put the camera back in the same spot and the right angle. It doesn’t take much to put the motion sensor area in a completely different spot. I also checked to make sure the time and date hadn’t gone to default, which sometimes happens when it runs out of power.

I did trigger a recording.

Then the spring loaded latch suddenly popped open, spilling the batteries all over the ground.


I had to loosen the strap all over again, wipe moisture off the batteries that landed in the snow, and put everything back again – only to discover the camera’s date and time had reset to default. So I had to undo the strap again, reset the date and time, and finally put it back, all in the freezing wind.

At least I had the cats to entertain me!

It wasn’t until I checked the files later that I realized it was a good thing I had to change the date and time. I forgot to reset the cameras after daylight savings. Which means the old camera is still an hour off.


I’ll take care of it tomorrow.

One of the things I see during my rounds that makes me smile is this.

You can see how the deer have made paths around that little maple tree. 😀 It looks a bit like an eye, doesn’t it?

We’re supposed to have a warmer day today.

I think the weather app is lying. 😉

The Re-Farmer

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