Spot the Bald Patch, and Creeper is creeping

As usual, I had furry company while I did my rounds this morning. Including Two-Face.

She found a patch of ground some critter had been digging in, against a tree root, leaving a softer pile of dirt. She hunkered down on the warmer patch it created and wouldn’t move! 😀

Can you spot the bald patch on her neck?

The fur around it hides it well, and the area has new fur growing back. It looks like the spot had been shaved, rather than the fur torn out! In fact, the fut seems to be growing back faster than the shaved fur on Susan’s belly after she was spayed, which is still mostly naked!

I guess being outside in the cold is stimulated the grown of new fur more than for Susan, all warm and cozy indoors.

After I’ve done my rounds, I check the files from the trail cams. There has been a LOT of deer activity! Just the other night, we had 4 deer hanging around in front of the trail cam, having a little social gathering. Very fun!

The fun things caught on the trail cams lately made it a bit more jarring when I found myself watching our vandal show up.

He takes walks on the road past our place every now and then, usually with his wife. The only time I’ve seen him walking alone before, he stopped on the road near the end of the driveway and stood staring into the property for a few moments before continuing on.

This time, he was out walking well after dark (I do appreciate the high viz coat he was wearing), but instead of staying on the road, he walked down the driveway, to the gate he’d vandalized. He stood there a moment, then placed both his hands on the gate and simply stood there, with his head bowed. Imagine the pose of a priest laying hands on someone while giving a benediction. This trail cam is set to take 30 second videos, with a delay of… I can’t remember if this camera’s delay is 15 or 30 seconds at the moment. Either way, it was less than a minute when he triggered the motion sensor as he walked away. (Time stamps are handy things!) Which meant he spent almost a full minute, just standing there with his hands on the gate.

Which is really kinda creepy.


I’m going to have to report this to the RCMP. They’ve told him to stay away from us. Without a peace bond, they can’t do much more than talk to him.

Once the brakes are done on the van, I’m going to have to get myself over to the law courts and start the process to get a peace bond. I really don’t look forward to the stuff I have to do to prepare my case, which includes going through old videos for screen caps, and transcribing phone messages on my mother’s answering machine.

Why can’t he just leave us be?

The Re-Farmer

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