Morning kitties

So many kitties!

Of course, I visited the mamas first thing this morning.

They are much more comfortable in their new surroundings, and quite eager for human attention.

Just look at those round, round baby bellies!!

I’d kept the cardboard box from the hot water tank, and it’s now serving as a rug on top of the concrete. πŸ˜€ I’m also finding Beep Beep on top of the chairs, and she’ll even go up on the table. Butterscotch, likely because she if farther along that Beep Beep, makes no attempt to jump up onto anything! πŸ˜€

Going into the sun room, there was little sign of the skunks. They’d been in there, but I don’t think they stayed long. All the kibble was gone, but it was already low in the evening and we didn’t top it up, so there was not much left for them to get into.

It did mean, however, that the outside cats were quite hungry.

I was happy to see Big Jim hanging out in the sun room. The blood I’d seen on his face previously is dried up and disappearing – he is such a filthy boy! – and I was unable to spot where it came from. It may have come from a scratch on an ear, near the head. Wherever the wound is, it’s too small to be seen through his fur.

Also, Rosencrantz! We’ve started to see her a bit more often of late.

The kitties were hungry enough that Junk Pile cat almost came inside while I was there.

Usually, when I add food to the outside bowls, Junk Pile and Pump Shack cats are pretty skittish about eating until I leave.

They were still skittish, but hungry enough to tolerate my nearness more than usual.

The only outside cat I didn’t see this morning was Potato Beetle. Even Nicky the Nose was hanging around.

Waiting for me to leave, before he comes to the house to eat.

In the sun room, I started to take the rigid insulation off the south facing windows. We’re at a point were the passive solar heat would be more beneficial than the insulation We’ll take the rest down when we can finally start emptying the room out to clean it.

I also removed some of the insulation around the base of the house to uncover a couple of windows to the basement. This way, Butterscotch and Beep Beep can have natural light. When we can start hauling stuff we removed from the basement to the barn, we’ll take all the insulation around the base of the house to the barn for storage until next fall.

One of my goals for today is to start some cucamelons indoors. πŸ™‚ They apparently take a very long time to germinate, compared to other things. I’ve worked out the timing of when to start different seeds, and even those I plan to start 2 weeks from now might actually start germinating sooner than the cucamelons. It should be interesting to see how these all turn out.

Time to get back at it! πŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

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