Morning smiles – and kisses!

I had some extra company when I visited the kitties this morning.

Both Two Face and David came down with me. It’s the first time Two Face has been in the basement for a while.

She immediately began grooming kittens.

They, however, were far more interested in climbing me, and wrestling each other, on my knee!

So she started grooming Beep Beep, instead. πŸ˜€

Also, that’s all 5 kittens climbing one leg. Only Leyendecker kept climbing, so he could tackle my hair. The other 4 battled each other with kitten ferociousness, all at once, on my leg.


The last while, I haven’t seen the outside cats much while doing my rounds. With so many of the cats ending up indoors, I suspect they are going where there are more cats around outside.

This morning, Creamsicle came to join me, and boy, did he want attention!

He was very affectionate.

I got Creamsicle kisses! πŸ˜€

What a beauty he is!

Just look at those gorgeous eyes.

He even let me carry him around as I continued my rounds. He’s such a sweetie. We’re still hoping to adopt him, but once they get big, no one is interested in cats anymore. 😦

Today has turned out to be a much cooler day. Downright chilly, compared to the last few days! Perfect weather to work on the lawn. πŸ™‚

Time to get outside and make some noise! πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

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