Morning battles! and, a rescue?

The kittens now being able to climb to the top of the stairs makes visiting them in the morning rather treacherous!

Getting into the basement is difficult enough as it is, with the door opening over the stairs the way it does. Doing it while juggling a pitcher of fresh water, a bucket for the old water, while dodging kittens who want to climb my legs or dash into the entryway before I can close the door makes it that much more challenging! 😀

The cats upstairs, and the kittens downstairs, have discovered the space under the door.

Oh, and to make things even more challenging, I had Beep Beep trying to climb me, too!

Thankfully, the lure of wet cat food was enough to draw them away, so I could leave safely! 😀

While doing my rounds outside, I had to check out the grapes.

Because I may have killed one. 😦

Now that they are leafing out, a couple of evenings ago, I took the pruners to cut away the old, dead growth that should have been pruned away last fall. A piece I cut away twisted as it fell, and I suddenly realized that a fresh vine I thought was growing from behind and below, was actually growing out the back of the piece I’d just cut.

I was so upset with myself. This was a strong, healthy vine I’d just killed.

Could I save it?

I cut the live vine from the stem and tried to see if I could bury the end, so it would root itself. Attached to the trellis as thoroughly as it was, I couldn’t pull it down far enough.

Well, there’s a tire planter right there, with a giant insulator I’d used as a shallow planter last year, in the middle of it.

I attached the vine to another piece to hold it in place, then added soil from the planter to the bottom. Once the cut end was buried, I watered the whole thing, thoroughly.

Can you tell which vine got cut?

I came by, fully expecting the cut vine to be drooping and dying, but it’s looking as fresh and green as the others!

It’s the one on the far left of the trellis.

Here is the base of it. There are even fresh new leaves, still strong and healthy looking.

Could I have actually have managed to salvage my mistake?? Does anyone reading this know much about grape plants? Will this root itself and survive?

I certainly hope so!

The rest of my rounds included checking the garden plots, and I was disappointed to find one area of carrots looked like something had dug them up. It turned out a cat had used it as a litter box. 😦

It also looks like we lost at least one more sunflower to something, but in total, there are more seedlings today than yesterday.

My rounds, however, were very fast this morning. The mosquitoes were insane! While we did not get the predicted storms – they swooped even further south than I thought they might, and we didn’t even get much rain – it is hot and muggy and perfect conditions for mosquitoes.

Once the morning rounds and chores were done, I had to make a quick run to the post office, then into town for some errands, so I’m a bit behind on things I intended to do outside. I’m going to have to start on clearing away where we’ve decided to build the cordwood outhouse, and since it’s too wet to continue working on the lawns, today would be a good day to get into that.

I will have to slather myself in bug spray, first, and hopefully not sweat it all off in the first few minutes. :-/

The Re-Farmer

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