Morning … flowers?

Today is Sunday, which I try to keep as a quiet day of rest, but of course, the morning rounds must be done.

After putting kibble out for the yard cats, I paused to enjoy some of the flowers that have come up in the old kitchen garden.

Though we covered the entire area with cardboard and mulch, some things have managed to come through. Like there cheerful yellow flowers that have come up near the rain barrel.

A whole bunch of these white ones have come up near the sun room window.

Then I got joined by a beautiful, furry flower!

Who insisted in being carried for most of my rounds! 😀

While one of the goals of mulching this area was to kill off some of the more invasive plants my mother had introduced, I’m not too worried about what’s coming up now. The weeds and quack grass are much easier to pull out, with such a deep layer of mulch, and the flowers have been coming up very strong and healthy. The other goal for this area is to level it off to the retaining wall, so we’re focusing on adding material at the end furthest from the house, and leaving all these flowers to grow. Eventually, this will be a kitchen garden, for herbs and vegetables that we tend to use the most, but there is no hurry on that. It’ll be done in stages, and as I figure out what flowers are there, and which I want to keep, I can transplant them to other areas.

For now, we will enjoy the flowers where they are. 🙂

Including furry ones that follow me around and give love and cuddles!

The Re-Farmer

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