How does the garden grow?

Check out this sunflower!!

It’s just towering above the others! I figure it’s getting close to 7 ft tall. 🙂

There are a couple of others that are getting really tall, too. Like this one.

You can really see the huge seed head developing on this one – and it should get much, much bigger!

But… something’s wrong with another tall one. It’s head is gone?


Just fallen over.

It looks like some sort of grub got in there.

This is actually above my head, so I am seeing it better now, in the photo, than I could while looking at the sunflower. The head is still alive, so I’m hoping it’ll survive. It’s the only one that has this.

While going through the squash and harvesting some – the sunburst squash is very prolific! – I spotted an odd looking squash and took a closer look.

This green, bulb shaped squash is a sunburst squash! It looks completely different from all the others on the plant.

I left it, and look forward to seeing how big it gets, and if the shape changes. 🙂

The girls and I have been talking about what we want to plant next year, and sunburst squash is definitely staying on our list!

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “How does the garden grow?

    • We probably will. My mother has certainly told me often enough how, when they grew sunflowers here, the birds ate them all – though I do remember eating them myself, so clearly they didn’t get all the seeds!

      From what I’ve been finding, I think my parents simply didn’t harvest the heads early enough. I found a YouTube video on when to harvest the heads, and it seems you can do it earlier than I thought. This would make a big difference in the bird battle.

      I’ll have to find the video again and post it.

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