Fall Clean Up: the platform bird feeder

We had a light frost last night, and have frost warnings for tonight, but today was a gorgeous day to get work done outside! We reached a high of 15C/59F, which is an ideal temperature, I find.

The first thing on the list was to work on the platform bird feeder. It has been just sitting off to the side for a couple of weeks now, so it’s about time!

The first thing to do was remove the “legs”. They’re not particularly stable, and showing rot where they touch the ground, so it was time for them to go.

There were a remarkable number of screws holding them in place!

There were 20 screws between 3 legs!!

You can see how they were starting to degrade.

Also, pieces of the platform feeder were just peeling right off!

That took a bit more effort to take off. I started to remove screws from the supports under it, but realized it is really solid, so I tightened them again and left it.

Then I had to find the screws holding the platform to the supports.

I found one I was able to remove. Another would not budge.

It was actually easier to just tear apart the platform with my hands.

I had to use pliers to loosen the remaining screws before I could take them out.

After that, I brushed and scraped away the old bird seed that had gotten jammed around the support post, the scrubbed again with water. Is was then set aside to dry in the sun.

Later, I will cut off the rotten end of the support post, and then I think we will paint it. This can definitely be salvaged. We just need to figure out how to securely set it in place. With a bird feeder hanging off the hook – or even just the cage of a suet feeder – the wind kept blowing it over. I also want to find a way to put on another platform. Maybe something not wood, to avoid the problem of rot that developed on the old one!

We’ll figure it out as we go. For now, we’ll see about getting it painted, first. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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