Let’s give it a try!

Okay, so it looks like our internet is working, at least somewhat, so this is a sort of test post!

Today was a beautifully warm day! We reached -13C/9F, which was awesome! They are now forecasting Monday will be 4C!! (40F) It’s going to be amazing! The girls will be going out onto the roof to get as much snow off the second level roof as they can. There isn’t a lot, but once it starts melting, we don’t have to have water leaking into the house at the window again.

As I was doing my rounds, the spice boys and Creamsicle Jr. were happily rough housing in the snow. Creamsicle Jr’s eye looks all clean and healthy now, which is good to see. There was quite a crowd of cats this morning, and I even saw Rosencrantz. I haven’t seen her in weeks! Nosy was on his warm spot on the tire in front of the garage side doors, meowing plaintively. He’s looking better, overall, but now both his eyes are leaking. Poor thing.

While checking the trail cam files later, I was most impressed. The new camera, which includes a temperature reading along with the time stamp, had an internal temperature of -3C (27F) at a time of day when I knew it was about -16C (3F) outside. Moving it out of the shade has made a huge difference. It got below -25C (-13F) during the night, but it still kept shooting stills, even when the batteries got too cold to be able to record video. The older camera, meanwhile, had no problem with the cold.

I used my mother’s car to go into town and pick up a few things, then we later made a much needed dump run. Somewhere in between there, something happened to Potato Beetle! He had been fine this morning, when he joined me for my rounds and I carried him around. He came around while we were unloading the car, and was looking a mess. Literally. He had dirt all over, and his fur was matted. He was also walking as though limping with his back legs. We found dried blood in the fur on the inside of his ankle, but could see no wound. We’ve been putting our garbage bags in the old kitchen, where they can freeze, but no animals can tear apart the bags. I went through the sun room to load bags into the car, and he followed me in. By the time I was done, he’d settled onto a old pillow under the swing bench – his favourite spot in there – so I left the doors partly open and let him be. Unfortunately, this evening, my younger daughter heard a commotion, and found Nicky the Nose in the sun room, going after Potato Beetle. 😦 I think we can guess who messed Potato Beetle up!

We’ve got to do something about Nicky the Nose! We’ve had quite a few other toms, from who knows where, come by but none have been as aggressive towards our yard cats as Nicky.

Well, time to see if we have a stable enough internet connect for me to post this! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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