Our 2021 garden: damage control

I’m about ready to start throwing cats outside! 😦

This is what I discovered, this morning.

The long piece of insulation across the top is what had been blocking the opening on the back of the tank lid. You can even see the claw marks in it!

Some nasty little beast managed to pull one of the trays up!

The peat stayed in most of the cells, though a few at the very back were empty when I straightened it out. I found the plugs and put them back as best I could, and gently took loose peat off the cells it had fallen on and put it in the emptier cells. I will give it a day or two, then plant new seeds in the cells that didn’t survive.

Eventually, the seedlings will reach a height were I can take out the box that is keeping them closer to the light, and the cats won’t be able to reach the trays anymore, but for now they trays need to be this high. They should probably be a bit higher, but that would just make it easier for a cat to reach. The opening in the back is where I’m going to set up the tiny fan we have, to blow over the seedlings and help them get stronger, but for now, I’ve basically put a sheet of foam core over the tank’s lid and weighed it down. It should still have a bit of air circulation, but we’ll have to keep a close eye on it.

I am not pleased with the kitties! 😦

The Re-Farmer

14 thoughts on “Our 2021 garden: damage control

    • Some of them just really, really like digging in dirt. We’ve had to “cage” our house plants, and they’ve still managed to kill off several. Right now, that little gap in the lid is the only access to soil they have, and they’re going for it! Of the ones that like to dig in the dirt, only two are adult size (that we’ve caught in the act) and have legs long enough to reach the trays.

      I do wish we could get them to stop; onions are toxic to cats. As it is, we haven’t been in the room to catch them doing it, so we can’t even be sure which one(s) are responsible.

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